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All of the following recipes are Manufacture

Godr-Ayed Longsword

Warrior Insignia

Valkyrie Insignia

Godr-Ayed Longbow

Godr-Ayed Amulet

Godr-Ayed Axe

Godr-Ayed Shortsword

Ninja Insignia

Kunoichi Insignia

Tamer Insignia

Godr-Ayed Blade

Musa Insignia

Maehwa Insignia

Godr-Ayed Staff

Wizard Insignia

Witch Insignia

Godr-Ayed Kriegsmesser

Godr-Ayed Gauntlet

Mystic Insignia

Striker Insignia

Godr-Ayed Crescent Pendulum

Godr-Ayed Florang

Godr-Ayed Crossbow

Godr-Ayed Battle Axe

Godr-Ayed Shamshir

Godr-Ayed Morning Star

Godr-Ayed Kyve

Godr-Ayed Serenaca

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