10 August 2023 - Patch


Removed Fairy Powder exchanges

Added Fragmented Black Magic Crystal for new crystal recipe

Added Vell's Concentrated Magic into Crow Coin Shop

Increased Serpen's aggro range by 30%

Now you will be have a chance to directly enhance any low level Alchemy Stone to Sharp Alchemy Stone

Decreased Sharp Alchemy Stone downgrade rate when enhancing to Resplendant to 10%

Increased Alchemy Stone enhance rate from Imperfect to Sturdy %90 for all levels

Removed any chance of obtaining below yellow grade Alchemy Stone


Ash Forest:

Increased Caphras Stone drop amount by 60%

Increased Trashloot price to 3,650,000

Crypt of Resting Thoughts:

Increased Caphras Stone drop amount by 30%

Increased Trashloot price to 20,000,000

Kuit Island:

Decreased Caphras drop amount by 50%

Increased Trashloot amount by 400%

Increased Trashloot price to 15,000,000

Updated Dark Rift Boss Drop Tables to match server rates


Ended ZEUS's Blessing and Crimson Token event


  • Black Knight

  • Superius (Sage only for now)

  • Sugar Rush

  • Ossa Cerberi (Valkyrie)

  • Arditeir

  • Ryfina

  • Winter Guardian

  • Maiden of Wisteria (Tamer)

  • Duskherald

  • Nightwarden

  • Goldscale Dragoon

  • Twilight Prowler

  • Lunar Blue

  • Umbra Clan

  • Darkborne Rose

  • Sapphire Storm (Squall)

  • Harakhty

  • Nereid


Corrected following Teleport Scroll names;

  • *Ilya TP ---> Iliya Island TP

  • *Tarif Tp ---> Tarif TP

Fixed Ogre high HP


Marnist cloak doesnt appear

Original underwear for Sugar Rush female version doesnt appear

Cant dye or misinformation on dyeing screen for new outfits

  • Sage

  • Corsair

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