22 June 2023 - Hotfix


Added Prestige Black Leopard Pet to web shop

Decreased weight of all missed cooking items to 0.01LT

Decreased weights of dried fishes to 0.01LT

Increased weights of cooking items from 0.0001LT to 0.01LT

Updated Red Battlefield rewards as follows;

  • Winner:

    • 10,000G Gold Bar x175

    • Red Seal x30

    • Pearl x4,000

    • Shakatu Seal x15

    • Shiny Shakatu Seal x6

    • Fierce Battle Medal x2

  • Loser:

    • 10,000G Gold Bar x90

    • Red Seal x15

    • Pearl x2,000

    • Shakatu Seal x7

    • Shiny Shakatu Seal x3

    • Fierce Battle Medal x1


Increased appearing chance of Berurah

Increased appearing chance of Lykina

Increased Combat EXP drop amount from Sycraia Upper zone

Increased following elvia weapon drop chances;

  • [Elvia] Sycraia Upper

  • [Elvia] Orc Camp

  • [Elvia] Bloody Monastery

  • [Elvia] Biraghi Den

  • [Elvia] Swamp Fogan

  • [Elvia] Swamp Naga

  • [Elvia] Castle Ruins

  • [Elvia] Altar Imp

  • [Elvia] Kuit Island

  • [Elvia] Sycraia Upper

  • [Elvia] Protty Cave

  • [Elvia] Hystria Ruins


Fixed wrong weapon drop type at Elvia Orc Camp

Removed Character-Bound state from new QA Worker items that prevents player putting new QA workers into Central Market storage

Fixed Barter refresh

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