28 April 2022 - Patch


  • Implemented new Auth API with better security and fixed Acoin system (we will not be using Acoin now even if it fixed we have already players used to current system later maybe we can implement it). If you have "Account authentication failed" error PM Devs

  • Added Custom Titles

  • Fixed Glorious Arsha Weapon Box for Shai

  • Fixed some bosses didn't spawn

  • Disabled Pure Black Stone

  • Added new quest that will give players Processing Knowledge, you can obtain quest from black spirit

  • Added New Attendance rewards for Ramadan Events

  • Added new challenges for Ramadan Events (It ends at May 10)

  • Fixed J's Hammer of Precision (https://bdocodex.com/us/item/45078/) for almost all accessories. If you can't use it on an accessory that it should work please report.

  • Added Deboreka Belt as a part of custom content, you have a chance to drop it at Crypt of Resting Thoughts Spot ( 310 AP). If possible to change and implement actual icons we will do it till then icon is dummy icon. Enhance rate, Cron Stone count for it as same as retail.

  • Added 500 FS to Night Market Partirigo for 410B

    • Following items are now tradable;

    • Karanda's Heart

    • Khan's Concentrated Magic

    • Flawless Magical Black Stone

    • Flawless Chaotic Black Stone



  • Following items added to pearlshop;

    • Feather Champron Horse Gear Set

    • Leather Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Set


  • Enabled Siege (Balenos only) and Node wars (test stage)

  • Changed RBF Rewards as below;

    • Winner:

      • Cron Stone x500

      • Pearl x2000

      • 1B Silver

      • Caphras Stone x1000

    • Loser:

      • Cron Stone x300

      • Pearl x1500

      • 700mil Silver

      • Caphras x700

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