5 July 2024 - Hotfix

General Changes

Tag price min max 100B - 20T

-Life exp is now family shared

  • You will now have the highest level applied to all of your characters

Fixed PEN: Blackstar Sub-Weapon Box did not give PEN for Shai

Fixed Sycraia Monsters does not drop any loot

Disabled Life EXP transfer

All life exp transfer coupons has been removed from cash shop and disabled

Decreased Market Reflection for copy to 1.5% from %5

Class Changes

Mystic; https://bdocodex.com/us/skill/6794/ Damage fixed


All Problems of Classes will be fixed in the future

We wish Dear MoonBD Players to be patient in this regard

MoonBD team is working day and night in the background, don't worry

All Issues you reported have been forwarded by us to the agent who should fix them.

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