🔮Other Events

We try to be involved with community as much as possible. We do various events, we always announce planned events in our discord #event-announcement channel. Keep eye on our discord.

Sometimes we do random boss events for those who playing actively without noticing in discord so don't surprise if you see an event without notice as well.

PvP Tournaments

We organize PvP Tournaments regularly. Depending on the voting players votes. 1v1/2v2/3v3 Arsha PvP Tournaments. Winners get cash rewards and Arsha title.

Hide and Seek Events

You try to find a GM in a specific zone and channel. First one to find GM wins precious rewards.


We organize Moon Cash giveaways with our partners/streamers. Keep following our discord announcement and streamer channels.


Beginning of 2023 we did a Lottery event for new year which was participated by about 300 players with silver pool of 224 T silver. Silver distributed among 10 winners. In future we might do these kind of events again.

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