❓Frequently Asked Questions

Which Client Version Are We On? When We'll Get Update ?

We're on the Corsair Version. We have released the Corsair not long ago and now we are still working on Corsair later we will start working on Reboot version.

Is Season Enabled ?

No, season seems enabled but it is not you can not create season characters. Even if you select season it will not create season character. Since now players start with 260 AP and 300 DP no point to have season.

LiveGuard Tells Me I Am Temporarely Banned. What Can I Do ?
  • Using any kind of macro apps running in the background

  • Any kind of botting or cheats

  • If your antivirus is scanning game and tries to access, in order to fix this create exceptions for game folder

  • If you have memory (RAM) cleaner app running in the background, it may cause temporary ban as well

Check if you have macro apps running like mouse or keyboard, if so close them and try after 10 minutes. If the problem continues contact us through discord.

How Do I Use The Drop Filter ?

Drop filter currently not working**.**

A Player Is Trash Talking/Insulting Me. What Can I Do?

Chill out, take a screenshot and send it through discord with a DM to one of the GMs then you can block that player or you can create a player report ticket.

Where Should I Place The Customization File For Character Appearance Creation ?

C:\Users\Documents\MoonBDO Corsair\Customization

I lost access to my account how can i recover it ?

Fill this form and contact management through discord tickets


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