All Moon Coin Exchanges

Required Moon Coin CountExchange Item

MoonBD Premium (30 Days)

Super Workers

Celestial Horse Calling Horn (Permanent)

Baby Elephant

Golden Hedgehog


Nouvermon (Tier 4)

Arctic Fox (Tier 4)

Ship License: Epheria Carrack

Wagon Registration: Forest Path Wagon

Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupon

Life EXP Transfer Coupon

Horse Emblem: Tier 9

Horse Emblem: Mythical Arduanatt

Ebenruth's Nol

Krogdalo Hose Gear Box

Infinite HP/WP Potion (Ornette/Odore Essence)

Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass

Archaeologist's Map

La Orzeca Box

Bloody Outfit Box

Marnist Outfit Box

Glorious Shudad Premium Set

Horrifying Halloween Outfit Box

Dim Tree Spirit's Outfit

Spooky Halloween Outfit Box

Glourious Arsha Awakening Box

All Lodging Expansion Coupon Bundle

All Wharf Expansion Coupon Bundle

All Stable Expansion Coupon Bundle

KeezAanng Hat

Envi Bikini Box

Priyah Bikini Box

Rovini Bikini Box

Scarecrow Mask

Jask-O'-Lantern Mask

Sweet Cone Hat

Wolf Nose

Devil Horn Headband

Nouverikant Armor

Nouverikant Helmet

Taebaek Outfit Box

Grandpa Cron's Helper Outfit

Pumpkin Tailor Witch Outfit Box

Added Clorince's Travel Bag (16 Slots)

Blessing of Elvia Buff Box (20 Mins)

Blessing of Elvia Buff Box (60 Mins)

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