Server Features

Jump Start!

  • 200 Energy (After Few Minutes of Playtime Then Relog, You Will See)

  • 200 Contribution Points (Get It From Y Challenge Menu)

  • 570+ GS Starter Gear Set (259 Main AP / 261 Awk AP / 311DP)

  • Awakening and Succession Unlocked From Start

  • Whole Map Unlocked! (Get It From Y Challenge Menu)

  • All Adventure Log Buffs Unlocked(Custom Item Moonlight Tome Gives All Buffs)

  • All Processing Knowledges Unlocked(Get It From Y Challenge Menu)

  • 15000 Pearls, T8 Horse, 3 Pets, 3 Day of MoonBD Premium.

And More....

..and lots of benefits with MoonBD Premium!

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