19 March 2022 - Patch


  • Yellow shakatu reward from Challenges lowered to 1 total of 12 per day

  • Lowered yellow shakatu yellow from Weekly Premium package and Absolute Player buff

  • Marni Fuel is now 5mil

  • 3 day premium item added

  • All boss weapon boxes are now stackable and tradable

  • Stonetail fodder processing is now 100% faster

  • Recipes changed as following;

    • Black Gem x100 = Black Gem Fragment x100 AND Black Stone Armor x100 AND Black Stone Weapon AND Black Stone Powder x10

    • Caphras Stone x100 = Ancient Spirit Dust x500 AND Black Stone Armor x100 AND Black Stone Powder x10

    • Caphras Stone x100 = Ancient Spirit Dust x500 AND Black Stone Weapon x100 AND Black Stone Powder x10

  • Increased success rate of Simple Alchemy, Simple Cooking, Crafting

  • Following items are now can be put in Family Inventory;

  • Moonlight Tome min level decreased to 60

  • Added aura for SIMP, E-Girl, E-Boy titles

  • Increased Family Inventory Expansion item purchase limit

  • Increased Family Inventory max slot limit to 64

  • Increased Family inventory max weight to 2000 Lt

  • Blue Mana Large Potion Weight is now back to normal

  • Lowered Tier 9 Horse prices

  • Lowered EXP gained by auto exp leveling. This considered as bug exploit and anyone who use it to level up 67+ levels lowered

  • Removed conditions for riding T9-T10 Horse for season characters

  • La Orzeca Box is now tradable

  • Removed Kvariak Boss event item drop

  • Added Added TP item for Garmoth Nest and Ilya island Event spot

  • Removed Memory Fragment Exchanges

  • Lowered exchange rate for Mystical Powder to Alchemy Shard

  • Updated Boss Calendar and the calendar sheet new link

  • Added Moonlight Tome to Trial Characters

  • Lowered some players char level to 66 because of auto leveling bug abuse

  • All accessory cheer animations removed

  • Memory fragment grade is now yellow

  • Fixed Title Boxes name and description

  • All Bundles that not stackable are now stackable

  • Added 3 Day Premium Pack in attendance rewards (you will not receive T9 Horse, J's Hammer, T4 Fairy with this)

  • Added additional Cron drops to season drops

  • Added custom title

  • Fixed Name Change Coupons (Server will apply name changes every hour except Guild Name Change because even if it is applied it won't take effect until server restarts)

  • Added new quest to Black Spirit to give La Orzeca Orb to Female Classes (Condition: Check if class is female and check if level is above 60)

  • Added 3 Day MoonBD Premium to Attendance rewards

  • Reseted Attendance Rewards (this is done after %70 of the avg online players h

  • Increased Patrigio drop rates


  • Added new item called Moon Coin

  • Moon Coin is now our Cash currency

  • Moon Coin can not be traded with players

  • Moon Coin can be put in Family Storage

  • Added exchanges for cash items to Oasis Vendor Ellie (you can not exchange when item is in your family storage)

  • Every player who had cash is now given as in game item, check your mails

  • From now on we will give this item as Cash and you will buy items with exchange

  • Added Arsha Glorious Awakening Weapon Box and it is tradable

  • Removed all Cash items from F3 cash shop

  • Added Carrack Blue Items 1000 Cash each

  • Increased Pot piece prices

  • Premium price is now 1100 cash


  • Blessing of Kamasylve buff is now added to Value Pack

  • MoonBD Premium buffs now added to Blessing of Kamasylve

  • MoonBD Premium now shown as Blessing of Kamasylve

  • When Premium is used Blessing of Kamasylve buff given which is new Premium

  • Blessing of Kamasylve buff description is changed as MoonBD Premium buffs

  • Blessing of Kamasylve items are now required min 99 level

  • Blessing of Kamasylve gives 1 minute of value pack when used which is not possible for players

  • Removed all Blessing of Kamasylve items from pearl shop

  • Every players premium time value updated to what it should

  • Every players premium time now converted to Blessing of Kamasylve in database

  • Premium one-time rewards now move to premium box it self so now when you use premium it will give T9 Arduanat, J's Hammer, T4 Fairy everytime you open it. This rewards may change in the future

  • Premium buff time was not calculated as intended so instead of trying to change how timer works on premium we now converted Premium to Kamasylve buff and added Kamasylve buff inside Value Pack so you did not lose that. Also needed to convert remaining premium times as Kamasylve so you don't lose you premium which is done. This is fix for timer issue with premium which premium was not consumed.


  • Added Forest Path Wagon Gear Parts to Moon Coin exchange 500 per part

  • Added Family/Guild name change coupons for 1000 Moon Coin

  • Added Character name change coupons for 500 Moon Coin

  • Added E-Girl Title Box to Moon Coin Exchange for 3000

  • Added Shudad Black Premium Outfit Box for 1500 Moon Coin

  • Added new item called Haloween Outfit Box to the Moon Coin exchange and it will give you the haloween outfit swap costumes accordingly your class


  • Gathering Lifeskill bonuses changed as following;

    • 2000+ >> +500% drop rate/amount

    • 1950 - 2000 >> +400% drop rate/amount

    • 1850 - 1949 >> +300% drop rate/amount

    • 1600 - 1849 >> +250% drop rate/amount

    • 1400 - 1599 >> +150% drop rate/amount

    • 900 - 1399 >> +100% drop rate/amount

    • 500 - 899 >> +50% drop rate/amount

    • 50 - 499 >> +20% drop rate/amount



  • Added Teleport for Illya Island, Port Ratt and Oquilla's Eye for Premium Members

  • Changed content of Weekly Premium Package, Old Moon Book (7 Days) to 500 FS Extraction Book x20

  • Removed Arctic Fox from Pearl shop

  • Fixed All Tier 3 Pets and set prices 1700 pearl


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