đŸĒ™Trash Loot Bonus Event

You will receive +50% or more trash loot when killing monsters. The percent value might change for each event.

The extra trash loot items will come to your Black Spirit's Safe and will only show after you relog. So you won't directly get it from monsters system will give you once you obtain the trash loot item and after you relog or swap characters etc.

This event currently on test stage

This event includes custom spots and mostly high level spots. If there is any type of item that is not included and if you don't receive extra to Black Spirit's Safe contact us with item name or item codex link

Trash Loot Item List

Item NameZone Name

Useful Coin Pouch

Helmet Ornament

Armor Fragment

Cultist's Token

Aakman Guardian's Token


Underwater Ancient Weapon Power Stone

Sycraia Underwater Ruins

Sanguine Crystal of Despair

Specter's Cloth

Iridescent Rock Piece

Kratuga Ancient Ruins

Shadow Knight's Armor Ornament

Outlaw's Mark

Abyssal Ash

Moonlight Spirit Powder

Broken Horn Fragment

Golem's Heart Fragment

Oily Orange Mushroom

Proof of Reckless Courage

Hardened Casque

Swamp Fogan Habitat

Bruised Naga Fin

Swamp Naga Habitat

Mark of Desperate Rebels

Covetous Eye

Altar Imp Habitat

Proof of Blind Faith

Broken Rhutum Fang

Metal Armor Fragment

Saunil Camp

Huge Spear

Primal Giant Post

Sharp Bone Fragment

Desert Naga's Webfoot

Bashim Mane

Desert Fogan's Helmet Shard

Token of Crescent

Gahaz Seal

Cadry's Token

Stone Waragon Hide

Basilisk Scale

Centaurus Mane

Warder's Token Piece

Sulfur Fragment

Dark Pirate's Gold Seal

Ancient Weapon Power Stone

Deep Sea Crystal

Intact Scale

Mysterious Metal

Ancient Weapon Scraps

Soul Fragment of the Soldier

Manes Gold Coin

Broken Hatchet

Rusty Talisman

Dark Fadus Armor Fragment

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