đŸĒ™Moon Coin

Moon coin now is a currency for exchanging only some items from cash shop

Once you delete moon coin you will no longer receive web cash

Added Moon Coin Box - 1000 to Cash Shop Custom section

All the Cash Items in Central Market now added to exchange with Moon Coin

Instead of directly selling cash items that is very limited and prices are off to each other. This is the solution we are making. This way all the items available have the same exact rate of price. And when we want to add new items we can easly add them without worrying about their prices.

All the cash items in Central Market will be removed with next maintenance or patch. Till then if you want sell all your already purchased cash items. For new transactions purchase Moon Coin Box - 1000 to sell not other items.

Whole point of this save us some time to keep changing market prices on Cash items on Market and also you can buy whatever you want in a not so small pool of Cash items.

Feedback is welcome for this system. We thought it would help a lot of you since it allows players who actually wants to sell items but can't due to Market prices not being synced up enough with Premium or other items.

Moon Coin can not be traded or listed on market

Moon Coin only added if you don't have enough to exchange an item so you can convert web cash to moon coin


👉 Exchange can be done at <Luxury Vendor> Elmos Berry in Velia

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