19 October 2022 - Hotfix


  • Gathering material drop amount increased by +200%

  • Contribution Point EXP gain increased by +500% Contribution soft cap should be 1500

  • All knowledge box can only be purchased once

  • Max Contribution decreased to 2000

  • Remnants of the rift is now stackable (Fix for exchanges)

  • You need to put the current ones you have to storage etc. and take it back to make it stack

  • Auto gather pet price fixed

  • Memory Fragment is now white grade

  • Mobs under level 60 will despawn %70 slower

  • Vell's Heart is now impossible to copy (this was creating bug with enhanced version)

  • Removed Life EXP stat from Vell's Heart

  • Anyone who has Life EXP on their Vell's Heart is converted to Gathering Drop Rate

  • Life EXP rollbacked to yesterday

  • Character movement/attack/casting speeds fixed

  • Deleted Jโ€™s Hammer's from Black Spirit Safe Box (was bugged)

  • Seafood Cron Meal new recipe fixed

  • Added Dim Tree Spirit Outfit to the Cash Shop

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