18 March 2023 - Hotfix


  • Now all items that is on purchasable from NPC's will not be auto bought by system

  • Decreased Crow Coin item sell prices to %20-25 from %50

  • Increased Khan Magic and Ebenruth Crow Coin Price

  • Fixed continue from old progress for new challange rewards

  • Fixed Level Challenge rewards not working

  • Decreased Berurah and Lykina Spawn chance

  • Sycraia changes;

  • Decreased Dawn Earring drop rate

  • Slightly decreased Black Magic Crystal drop rate

  • Mobs spawn delay increased +100%

  • Fixed party bug with new Spot Sycraia.

In order to fix this we had to remove the party bound of Lykina and Berurah mobs. This change will also make it so that other players who is not in party to be able to hit the stated mobs.

  • Increased Soft Shiny Stone rate by +60%

  • Decreased Khan Guild boss HP by 25%

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