5 February 2022 - Patch


  • Added some special titles

  • Merged challenges(Y)

  • Premium Teleport Limit is increased to 20 per scroll

  • Fixed mail donation text

  • Finalized Live Guard setup

  • Adjusted rewards in challenge menu

  • All Field Bosses HP reduced



  • Following items drop rate/amount increased;

    • All Alchemy Spirit Stone

    • Padix Island: Ethereal Earring and Caphras Amount

    • Sycraia: Tungrad Ring and Caphras Amount

    • Sulfur: Caphras Amount

    • Pila ku: Caphras Amount

    • Tunkuta: Turo Belt and Boss drop

    • Abandoned Monastery: Dawn Earring

    • Ogre Ring

    • Laytenn Power Stone

    • Remnants of the rift

    • Tungrad Belt slightly

    • Crescent ring upper spot

    • Tungrad Ring

    • Sicil Necklace

    • Tungrad Earring

    • Mark of Shadow

    • Shrine Guardian Token

    • All Trace drop amount from mobs

    • Infinite Mana Potion Gathering Piece

    • Following item drop rate decreased;

    • Eye of the Ruins Ring

    • Tungrad Necklace slightly

    • Hard/Sharp base chance (mastery should have an effect now)

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