29 December 2022 - Hotfix


  • Added Granverre Horse Gear to Raomi NPC (Shining Shakatu Seal exchange)

  • Added Following items to pearl shop:

  • Corsair Epheria Marine Underwear

  • Corsair Epheria Marine Underwear (No Stockings)

  • Nova Epheria Marine Underwear

  • Nova Epheria Marine Underwear (No Stockings)

  • Ranger Frostbite Outfit Set

  • Increased Olun's Golem junk item price to 15.300.000

  • Increased Crypt of Resting Thoughts junk item price to 2.450.000

  • Increased Olun Valley and Crypt of Resting Thoughts Caphras and Ancient Spirit Powder drop quantity +50%

  • Fixed display for Elvia Orc Camp and Elvia Bloody Monastery recommended AP on map (Only for English language pack for now)

  • Fixed Guru Matchlock equip condition

  • Fixed Iron Ore CM buy quantity

  • Fixed converted treasure item drops and their drop notification on system chat

  • 2x RBF Rewards activated

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