1 June 2024 - Patch

General Changes

Oasis Dream Chest item is disabled

Oasis dream chest Y challenge reward disabled

Added login rewards for Chaotica Token

Decreased pearl price of Marni's Processed Fuel

Updated Summer game UI theme

Added Garmoth RBF Map (need check)

Rate Changes

Increased drop rate of following items;

  • Shard of the Furious Night

  • Shard of the Tearful Night

  • Shard of the Drained Night

  • Heart of the Arid Forest

  • Flame of Frost

Custom Boss Spawn Order

Spawn order has changed Possessed Ancient Puturum and Zodd spawn times swapped



Added new Mysterious Catalyst exchanges;


Removed barter refresh limit per day. You have to relog to character screen and log back in in order to reset the limit.

NPC Changes

Some item descriptions may not be updated according to this change. Please let us know if you see old NPC names written on item descriptions through discord tickets.

Replaced Fughar NPC with <BIG BOSS> Zeus NPC

Removed Oasis NPCs

Removed Global Lab NPC

Added following NPCs;


This is not an event it will be in the game permanently

A new token added that can be obtained from following activities;

  • World Bosses (x1-2)

  • Custom Bosses (x10-14)

  • Login Rewards

  • Challenge Rewards (Y)

This token can be exchanged with valuable goods at <Exchange NPC> Chaotica at Velia

Fallen God's Gloves and Shoes Changes

Existing Fallen God Gloves and Shoes items stats has been lowered to minimum due to game balance

Added Dahn and Ator gears to the game

Added exchange from Fallen to Dahn or Ator via Custom NPC at Velia.

Enhance rates and all other things are same

You can still enhance Fallen Gods Glove/Shoes

Fallen Gods/Shoes equip requirement set to 99 level

We know that this will decrease your defense stats overall we will monitor the changes, if any problems experienced we will address them on upcoming patches


Our custom Fallen gloves and shoes were merged of both and its was not balanced. We would like players to choose one of the ways to go with their builds instead of all in one gears giving all stats.

In future we will add upgraded versions of Dahn and Ator similiar to Godr Armor and Helmet

Convert To New Version

You keep the same enhance level, you just need to select one of the versions of Dahn or Ator

Make sure your Fallen gear does not have any crystals or is not copied gear

You can exchange them with new gear from <Fallen Exchange NPC> Neohun at Velia

Custom Accessories Changes

Check new versions of Custom accessories by clicking the links below

The stats of the items are same at PEN level as legacy items

Legacy items are still exists and can still be used, stats on them will still work

Legacy items removed from market

Legacy items can be converted to new version by Processing (L) - Heating this way you can sell it on market or just convert item to new version with new icon. If you want to keep legacy as memory that is understandable as well.

New version will require a lot less concentrated and will give you base accessory which you will be able to enhance with concentrated energy

Crafted item will not be lost on enhancement failure

You can repair its durability by using Ancient Memory Fragment

We have implemented force enhancement for these items which will require about 100-150x concentrated energy in total if you do not wish to use failstacks and crons but you will be hitting PEN much easier than before


This makes the progression at start of the game more linear. You will get Monster AP and some stats faster and earlier. Also we made it overall easier to hit PEN which will not require as much concentrated as before on avarage

Convert To New Version

Simple put old version accessories on Processing (L) - Heating you will receive PEN version of new reworked accessory

You do not have to do this, it is only needed if you want to list your accessory on market or you want new icon looks

Remembed legacy versions will not be obtainable from this point on you can keep legacy version as memory

Central Market

If you had items that have been removed from central market, you will receive items in your in game mail

Increased market queue minimum price to 150T

Removed legacy Moonlight/Sunlight/Starlight Accessories

Added new Moonlight/Sunlight/Starlight Accessories

Added Concentrated Moonlight/Sunlight/Starlight Energy

Removed Fallen Gods Gloves/Shoes

Added Dahn Gloves

Added Ator Shoes

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