1 January 2024 - Emergency Patch

👉Fixed a bug where the loot table of following zones were broken;

  • Crypt Of Resting Thoughts

  • Olun's Valley

👉Deleted following items that obtained after patch 28 December 2023;

  1. Rich Merchant's Ring Piece (Olun's Valley)

  2. Quturan's Right Lung

  3. La Orzeca Armor Box

  4. Advice of Valks (+250) (Only the ones obtained by exchange with ring piece)

  5. La Orzeca Armor for class (Only the ones obtained from La Orzeca Armor Armor Box)

  6. Rich Merchant's Ring (Only the ones completed with obtained Ring Piece after patch)

👉Updated Moon Coin and Moon Coin Box - 1000 descriptions

👉Fixed an issue where Visionary Sub-Weapons can not be listed in market

👉Fixed an issue where Visionary Sub-Weapons did not give said HP

👉Added Fiery versions of Visionary Sub-Weapons

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