Sweet Candy - 2024 June

You can obtain Sweet Candy from following activities;

  • Killing monsters

  • Gathering

You can go to <Event Exchange NPC> Riona in Velia


  • [Event] Sweet Candy Bag

  • Boss Heart Bundle

  • Advice of Valks (+500)

  • Advice of Valks (+200)

  • [Event] Enchanted Chest

  • [Event] Horse Emblem Box

  • [Event] Alchemy Stone Chest

  • [Event] Manos Accessories Chest


  • [Event] Moonlight Accessory

  • [Event] Moonlight Accessory II

  • [Event] Sunlight Accessory

  • [Event] Sunlight Accessory II

  • [Event] Starlight Accessory

  • [Event] Starlight Accessory II

  • [Event] Astral Ornette's Spirit Essence

  • [Event] Galactic Alchemy Stone

  • [Event] Premium Reboot Outfit

  • [Event] Random Title Box

  • [Event] Gem of Fortune (3 Day)

  • Advice of Valks (+2000)

  • Random Super Worker Box

  • [Event] Shiny Insignia (3 Days)

You can complete quests by giving required amount of [Event] Sweet Candy Bag to Riona NPC

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