๐Ÿ“…Daily Login Rewards

  • Web Login Rewards;

    • You can check your daily attendance progression at MoonBD Website.

    • New user attendance starts counting at creation of account.After 14 days pass creation of account,you wont able to get them again.Be sure you logged in 14 days in a row after you created your account.

    • Rewards will be given every day at 00:00 UTC after this time you must relog to see rewards

    • Rewards will be sent to Black Spirit's Safe (Only J's Hammers will sent through mail)

    • You don't have to click anything in website just need to login to your character.

    • If you do not login and receive login rewards for 7 days your rewards will reset.

    • If you complete the calendar and get all rewards the next day calendar will reset only for you.

  • In Game Login Rewards;

    • Rewards are auto claimed and given when you log into the game after 10 minutes

    • Rewards will be sent to Black Spirit's Safe

    • You can obtain 2 rewards at weekends

Rewards may differ in future or new calendars can be added.

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