1 February 2022 - Patch


  • Sycraia Underwater ruins and Tunkuta Mobs HP increased back

  • Specter's Energy NPC sell price is now 50k

  • Oasis foods NPC buy price is now 10m

  • Fixed Pearl shop elion's tear and removed cap


  • Following items drop rate is increased;

  • Ring of Crescent Guardian

  • Ring of Cadry Guardian

  • Forest Ronaros Ring

  • Sicil's Necklace

  • Centaur Belt

  • Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

  • Swaying Wind Shard

  • Rumbling Earth Shard

  • Specter's Energy

  • All Abandoned Monastery Drops (Dawn Earring Spot)

  • All Padix Island Drops (Ethereal Earring Spot)

  • Map of Unknown Piece a little

  • Following items drop rate is decreased;

  • Basilisk Belt

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