4 June 2024 - Patch

General Changes

Added storage shop functionality to Zeus Shop, now can buy or sell gold bars

Updated Ilya island teleport location near wharf

Moon Coin Exchanges

Added following Moon Coin Exchanges

  • MoonBD Premium Package 90 Days

  • Purified Astral Ornette's Spirit Essence

  • Rich Merchant's Ring

  • Sky Knight Horse Gear (Arduanatt)

  • Solar Knight Horse Gear (Mythical Arduanatt: Red)

  • Frost Knight Horse Gear

  • Terra Knight Horse Gear (Dinรฉ)

  • Tidal Knight Horse Gear (Mythical Dinรฉ)

  • Flame Knight Horse Gear (Doom)

  • Hell Knight Horse Gear (Mythical Doom)

  • Primavera Outfit Box

  • Rose Noire Outfit Box (Female)

  • Elderwood Outfit Box (Male)

  • Roselyn Outfit Box (Female)

  • Solare Knight Outfit Box

  • Black Knight Outfit Box (Male)

  • Yeoreum Outfit Box

  • Academia Outfit Box

  • Oblivion Outfit Box

  • Lovely Bloom Outfit Box

  • Mr. Mussels Outfit Box (Male)

  • El Pento Summer Box (Male)

  • Coco Summer Box (Female)

  • Vespena Outfit Box (Female)

  • Jolly Winter Dream Outfit Box

Fierce Battle Tomes

Added 4 new enhance levels to Fierce Battle Tome - Attack/Defence

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