Blessed Alchemy Stones - Safe Enhance System

Safe enhance system with higher cost

How it works

You have to craft Blessed Chaotic alchemy stone with simple alchemy once crafted each craft attempt will ask for Blessed Heart of Destruction/Protection/Life to enhance.

Once you start attempting and hit success you will receive Blessed Galactic Alchemy Stone. This makes it clear if you have the Blessed version you obtained it with safe enhancing and if you don't you obtained it by the old enhancing which you can still do.

Safe enhancing will be a little bit costy obviously but this way you are avoiding downgrade and you don't have to craft another Majestic to attempt for Galactic while using Chaotic version.

Each Blessed Alchemy Stone attempt will require 1x Blessed Heart of Destruction/Protection/Life

Crafting Blessed Hearts via Simple Alchemy


Heart of Destruction/Protection/Life


Essence of Galactic Spirits


Crafting Blessed Alchemy Stone via Simple Alchemy


Blessed Heart of Destruction/Protection/Life


Chaotic Alchemy Stone of Destruction/Protection/Life


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