15 December 2022 - Patch


  • Changed quest condition for Fisher and the Sea,now you need to be Master 2 or higher for accepting quest

  • Garmoth's HP increased by 25%

  • Orc Camp Boss Org's stats reset to base and added +30% HP

  • Removed GM Blessing from Moon Chest

  • Guild Bosses Hp increased by +30%

  • Increased Tier 3 4 Guild Bosses Dp-Eva +30%~

  • Tier 3 4 Mudster and Ferrid Damage increased

  • Guild Bosses Hp increased by +30% (only for tier 1 2 3)

  • GMโ€™s Blessing removed from everyone

  • Removed Life Skill Mastery Increase Scroll from everyone

New Quest added;

  • Skill Preset Coupon Quest (Character Based)

  • Rewards: 2x Skill Preset Coupon

  • Condition to take the quest: 60 Level

  • Complete Condition: hit 60 Level

  • Quest NPC: Black Spirit


  • Rhino Blood can useable for getting Concentrated Life Essence

  • Increased Guru Medicine Box and Guru Cooking Box produce count 10 to 100 (input and output multiplied with 10)

Following items are heatable and gives Yona's Fragment now:

  • Revived Lunar Necklace

  • Revived River Necklace

  • Increased Golden Dagger and Golden Backpack NPC Sell price to 60.000.000 each


  • Sunlight Special Attendance Rewards ended

  • New Year attendance rewards started

  • Gold Item Drop Event extended 1 more week


  • Added Artisan Memory

  • Added Life Skill Mastery Increase Scroll

  • Added Nova Sephia Outfit

  • Added Port Ratt Storage Expansion Coupon to Function Tab


  • Added Vespena Outfit for certain classes


  • Decreased drop rates of Tier 4 Guild Bosses and Zodd Boss

  • Concentrated Magical Black Gem now drops from Gathering

Bloody Monastery Changes:

  • Narc's Lightning drop quantity increased to 50-60

  • Mob stats reset to base and added +30% HP

  • Trash loot price increased to 380.000 from 19.000

  • Narc's Lightning drop chance increased

Muskan of Madness (Bloody Monastery Boss) drops changed as follows;

  • Trash Loot 2.000-5.000

  • Seed of Void 700-800

  • Narc's Lightning 800-1.000

Orc Camp drops changed as follows;

  • Trash Loot price increased 18,500 to 185,000

  • Kuit Island drops changed as follows;

  • Increased BMC drop chance

  • BMC drop quantity changed to 1-3


  • Silver Bar III exchange condition changed as following:

  • Cooking or Alchemy Mastery Point 1850

  • Added exchange to Fughar npc: Pearl Box 80 x100 = Pearl Box 8000 x1


  • Fixed Iron Ore and Melted Iron Shard gathering quantity/rate

  • Concentrated Life Essence is not showing up anymore as CM item

  • Fixed cant put some items to CM storage

  • Fixed Beer can't be bought 5.000

  • Fixed Zodd Boss

  • Concentrated Life Essence Description is fixed

  • Fixed cant repair Abyssal Fishing Rod and cant use Cron Stone

  • Fixed Pearl Shop Mount section (partially)

  • Fixed Abyssal Fishing Rod description

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