22 February 2024 - Patch

General Changes

Fixed an issue where Abyssal Matchlock can not be repaired with Ancient Memory Fragment

Added condition to craft Abyssal Matchlock: Must be above hunting Guru 35

Removed empty sub categories in Pearl category from Central Market

Increased market registration queue limit to 30T

Seasoned Meat now can be made with Lion's Meat

Item Changes

Sealed Insignia Box now character bound

Increased Broken Hatchet NPC Sell price to 10.500.000 (Will apply only items obtained after patch)

Increased Rusty Talisman NPC Sell price to 5.700.000 (Will apply only items obtained after patch)


Added 1000x Black Gem recipe;

  • Black Gem Fragment x1000

  • Black Stone (Armor) x1000

  • Black Stone (Weapon) x1000

  • Weed x1

Cash Items

Tiger Spirit

Oblivion Outfit Set (All Classes)

Lovely Bloom Outfit Set (All Classes)

[Shai] Fairy Jackie Outfit Set

Perfect Enhance

Added perfect enhance for Godr-Ayed and Visionary gear

The perfect enhance cost are expensive and this is intended.

This only exists for players who wants to avoid attempting through luck.

It does not mean it has to be worth or cheap.

Failstack is not used when perfect enhancing

Required enhance item count for perfect enhance;

  • PRI: 90

  • DUO: 120

  • TRI: 290

  • TET: 560

  • PEN: 1630

Bug Fix

Fixed some items icons not work

Fixed an issue where Godr-Ayed Main Weapon and Visionary Sub-Weapon PRI-DUO-TRI success rates were higher than intended. You will mostly see diff for PRI and rest is very slightly lowered to intended values

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