14 February 2023 - Patch


  • Increased Blue Whales's HP by 200%

  • Adjusted required exp for level 69 and 70

  • Increased Zodd's drop chances

  • Reduced Hunter Salad, Khalk's Fermented Wine and Khalk's Strong Fermented Wine's (and other consumables) to 60 seconds

  • Buffed T4 Bosses DP

  • Lowered chance of appearing Org by 30% and buffed its loot slightly

  • Added Powder of Time drop to Bree Tree Ruins

  • Ogre Ring now drops at Aakman with low chance

  • Laytenn's Powerstone now drops at Kratuga Ancient Ruins with low chance

  • Activated Black Spirit's Adventure

  • Added Combat EXP drop from Ibedor Scroll

  • Removed accessory drop from Ibedor Scroll

  • Fixed some processing recipes

  • Material Category max price limit increased


  • Changed Starlight Ring's HP +300 to +550

  • Added Random EXP Bundle to new Boss that gives random amount exp on random professions (except Sailing and Bartering)

  • Added Ultra Mega Super Loot Chest to new Boss that gives Moon Seal and Moon Seal exclusive items

  • Decreased drop chance of following items:

  • Eye of the Ruins Ring

  • Ring of Crescent Guardian

  • Ominous Ring

  • Vahha's Dawn

  • Forest Ronaros Ring

  • Orkinrad's Belt

  • Centaurus Belt

  • Ethereal Earring

  • Revived Lunar Necklace

  • Revived River Necklace

  • Corrupted Magic Crystal

  • Olucas Crystal

  • Ah'Krad Crystal


  • 1st Year Anniversary Events over

  • Removed Moon Seal from everyone

Added new Weekly Event Boss named SixSenz's Parrot


  • Arcana of Fate Box

  • Emoji Bundle

  • Black Spirit's Adventure Dice

  • Random EXP Bundle

  • Ultra Mega Super Loot Chest


  • Added Hedgehog Pet (Gathering Quantity Increase) - Box to webshop

  • Added Sage Eyes of the Wise eye accessorie to Webshop for Sage class


  • Corrected Chef Finto's Cooking Utensil description

  • Fixed cant repair Forest Path Wagon items with Ancient Memory Fragment

  • Fixed cant repair Krogdalo Donkey items with Ancient Memory Fragment

  • Moved incorrect outfits at Function Tab to Beauty Tab

  • Corrected Gathering Quantity Increase Pet - Box description

  • Fixed Duvencrune Llamas gathering drop

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