Merge Mails (Website)

This feature is available through website account panel

What is Merge Mails ?

This feature will merge all of the mails you have that has same items

Why do we need this ?

With redeem codes, autobuy and SD party system you will get a lot of mails with same items in it but in different mails.

When you have too much mail it can be hard to find the item you want and open all of the mails. Basically this is to avoid opening a lot of mails.

It will merge the mails with same item in it.


You must have at least 2 or more mails with same item You must be offline or in character screen

How to do it ?

Login to website

Go to account details (the page you get redirected when you login)

Bottom right you will see Merge Mails button

Click on it and confirm it on confirmation pop up

It may take a while so wait and don't click anything else

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