30 May 2022 - Announcement

What's this about ?

We have changed our hosting service and put on a middle server for client and server communication.

I won't go in to much details but this was first step. We have implemented CloudFlare into website protection but it is quite abvious that CloudFlare did not help. So we added another protection for it and implemented today.

As of now you will no longer see CloudFlare verification instead you will see our page for verification for a few seconds. Also we have moved the APIs to another server to lower game servers load.

What changed for players ?

At the moment because of the protection systems, you need to login to website through the computer you will play the game and restart game launcher though before doing that you must update liveguard launcher and anticheat manually in order to even try to connect to servers.

This patch must be done manually because we have changed server IP's so your launcher will not connect to update servers but after you do the given patch and login to website you should be able to play the game.

However there are few exceptions about this. One is that if you are using IPv6 you may have problems connecting to the update servers, simply you can search it on google or directly contact us about it.

Other thing is that if you are using Exitlag, which will change your IP address during server selection so you will be kicked out of the game. Other VPNs mostly run before game runs so we have not noticed anyone having problems with other VPN services. Download LiveGuard manual patch

My launcher does not connect to update servers how can i fix ?

Here is the steps in order to login to the game;

  • Extract liveguard manual patch inside game folder Click to download

  • Login to the website Go to login and then click Authenticate

  • Restart game launcher and see if your launcher checks for update

  • If problem continues disable IPv6 and try from step 2

  • If still having the problem you can restart your router and computer and try from step 2

  • If problem does continue contact us

Getting play.exe corrupted error why is that?

This is mostly caused by you play.exe is abviously corrupted, if you have not deleted game zip you can extract bin64 folder and replace it with the one you have.

Also this will probably reset your LiveGuard so you need to do the manual patch for liveguard again.

If you have deleted here is a link for everything in game folder except paz files. Click to download

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