4 December 2023 - Patch

General Changes and Hotfixes

  1. Oquilla's Eye is not a safe zone now

  2. Fixed an issue where player's can not safely extract new crystals

  3. Now World Bosses will not spawn in Hadumsha. (Why?: Hadumsha is a PvP channel and not all Boss locations are safe zones. Depending on the feedback we might change this)

  4. Fixed an issue where event potions can not be used by fairy

  5. Lowered HP of Custom Bosses

  6. Starting this patch, patch notes will be added to Wiki page with links to changes. This means immediate wiki changes needs to be done with patch but it will be more understandable and easy to follow.

Pearl Shop Changes

Added teleports to custom boss spawn locations

Added Garmoth's Nest TP to pearlshop

Custom Boss Spawn Schedule

Added Custom bosses to fixed spawn times

You can check spawn times here

This means we will not be doing weekly regular Boss Events. It will be more rare (maybe every 2-3 weeks) and with more bosses

Also added more spawns than just Sunday so some players missing the Sunday spawns will still be able to get some rewards at other days

More detail about bosses is here

Added new boss called Kirov, The Guardian Of Vell will drop Vell's Heart and will be spawned on specific days.

You can check spawn times here

New Main-Weapon: Godr-Ayed

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