๐Ÿ’นAuto Buy

Central Market Auto Buy System

  • Items will be bought as current market price, NOT listed price.

  • You will receive %20 of the item price in your in game mail.

  • Items must be waiting for 5 days in order to be bought by system, if you relist the item, this timer will be reset.

  • If you have MoonBD Premium you will receive +10% more silver.

  • If you have Rich Merchantโ€™s Ring you will receive +5% more silver.

  • If item price (per one piece) is over 1T (1,000,000,000,000) it will not be bought.

  • If the item is bought by the Auto-Buy System then it will not add to Total Trade Count of the item to prevent affect the price adjusting by the market system.

  • If seller user does not have email submitted (only for really old accounts) that users items will not be bought.

  • In the section below you will see banned Items and Categories. Any item matching those will not be bought.

  • All Pearl items and all items that can be purchased from an NPC are not bought by the sytem

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